Monday, 23 May 2011

FAQ about the ECClub Reading Groups

Q: What standard of English do I need to join the groups?
A: We have groups at two levels:
Level 1 is aimed at people who have perhaps studied English a long time ago and may be a little rusty, or people who are at around level 4/5 at the EOI. You do need a solid intermediate level to make the most of this group.
Level 2 is for more fluent speakers, teachers of English, people who use English frequently at work or native speakers. A higher level of proficiency is needed to take part in this group.

N.B. It is up to you to decide which is your appropriate level.

Q: How does it work?
A: The year consists of 2 terms:
Term 1 September - January (3 books)
Term 2 January – June (3 books)
We read a book every 5-6 weeks and meet to discuss it on the given date.

Q: How difficult are the books?
A: All the books we read are ‘real’ books. They are NOT simplified versions designed for students of English. At level 1 there will be several words or expressions you have not seen before.
The books at level 1 are usually a bit shorter and less complex than those at level 2.

Q: What happens at the meetings?
A: Level 1: There is a set of comprehension style questions to answer. There is also a chance for discussion about the book and any issues arising from the subject matter.
Level 2: A series of topics to discuss are set and group members put forward their ideas and observations.
At both levels you should be prepared to discuss, ask questions, give your opinions and agree and disagree with other members of the group.

Q: My spoken English is not very good. I make a lot of mistakes. Will you correct me?
A: Usually no. It doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes – everybody does! The important thing is to be an active participant and use the opportunity to express yourself.

Q: Where are the meetings held?
A: At the Abacus store in the town you select when you subscribe to the ECClub on-line

Q: What days and times?
A: There are 21 different locations and 2 group levels at each store. The dates and times will be set by the group leaders and the stores themselves. When we have the information we will make this available on our web page.

Q: Can I try a group before I make up my mind?
A: Sorry, no.

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